Monday, March 5, 2012


BETHLEHEM — There’s nothing prettier than a full moon casting its glow on the snowy landscape. What better time to be outdoors breathing in the crisp air and taking in the sights and sounds of winter’s woods and fields? Combine the full moon and a beautiful setting with excellent food and a walk in the woods and you have the Full Moon Snowshoe Evenings offered by Adair Country Inn & Restaurant in Bethlehem, in collaboration with The Rocks Estate, a Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests-owned property.

The full moon evenings begin at 5:30 p.m. with a New England-style buffet in the fire-placed Granite Room at Adair, followed by a moderate guided snowshoe walk on some of the trails of the 200-acre property, with a finale of s’mores and hot drinks around the fire pit. 

“It all started as an idea to have a romantic moonlit snowshoe and snowballed into an eco-experience using the forest,” says Ilja Chapman, innkeeper at Adair Country Inn & Restaurant. “Guests really enjoyed learning about the natural world around them.” 

Rocks Estate Manager Nigel Manley is the interpretive guide for the evening, helping guests learn about forest management and the American Tree Farm System that The Rocks and Adair are part of. The Tree Farm System promotes forest management with an emphasis on water, woods, recreation and wildlife.  

“The combination of good food, a mixture of guests, and an outdoor classroom really makes for a great experience,” says Manley. 

Highlights of the evening include discovering the tracks of fisher, fox, snowshoe hare, deer, squirrels and mice. Guests receive a tracking guide from the Forest Society to take home to use in their own tracking adventures. 

The cost for the evening is $29.95 per person (Forest Society members, $26.95), and reservations can be made by contacting Adair Country Inn & Restaurant at (603) 444-2600. For more information please visit or

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