Sunday, May 11, 2014

Farm to Table

Spring is coming to Adair. Albeit slowly, she's definitely on her way, and we're ready for her.  We have baby chicks this year with the intention of producing our own organic eggs.  We're also adding some raised beds for vegetable gardens and we've planted about 20 berry bushes.  Anyone who's stayed at Adair knows we use a great many eggs and berries at breakfast and with 200 acres, why not grow our own?

We also have 5 baby ducks, though their not so little anymore. They started out about the same as the baby chicks, but they are surely twice their size by now.  The ducks will be a permanent fixture in the front pond
and I am assured by those who know that they will bed down at night with their beloved friends the chickens.  They also tell me that duck eggs make the very best pastries.  I guess we'll find out. Somehow it makes me laugh that these ducklings are SO attracted to water. They just can't stay out of the water dish.

They can all be viewed at the Adair this summer.  You best be thinking of  some names or we're gonna start naming them after the guests.