Friday, March 30, 2012

“10 Years Younger in 60 Days”

Wraps Up with Wellness Tips & Celebration

Our “10 Years Younger in 60 Days” program took a short hiatus in late winter due to family obligations of some of our participants, but we were back on track this week for our last presenter in the wellness series organized by Innkeeper Ilja. The series has been a great hit among the Adair Country Inn & Restaurant employees, who set goals in early December to help them become fit and healthier through making good food choices, exercising more, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and getting medical and dental check-ups.

Cindy Noyes, RMT, of Thyme to Learn Wellness, welcomed our group at a healing circle at the Inner Truth Massage & Healing Arts Studio on Cottage Street in Littleton, along with Inner Truth’s owner Tamar Smookler.

At the center of our circle was a large crystal and candle, surrounded by smaller crystals in the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which are also the colors associated with the major chakras – or energy points – of the body. Cindy uses crystals and gemstones, along with essential oils in her meditation and Reiki practice to help her clients feel refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.

Our evening began with a short meditation in which we paid attention to our breathing and consciously relaxed our bodies. Cindy encouraged each of us to set aside 15-20 minutes each day to take time for ourselves, practice conscious breathing, and let go of our monkey minds that distract us from being in touch with our true selves. “Practicing meditation, even for a short time,” said Cindy, “can change the focus of your day. It’s about going within and feeling the energy you have and realizing that we don’t need to let stress control us.”

Cindy explained the concept behind Reiki, which calls on the universal life force energy that exists in everything around us, including plants, animals and humans. During Reiki, the practitioner helps to move that energy through the person’s body by placing her hands on the seven major chakra points and the many minor chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and the chakras act like small wheels within the body; when the wheels are moving freely, the person is healthy and in balance. Blockages within the wheels can eventually lead to physical, spiritual and emotional illness. During a hands-on session, Reiki helps clear out the “stuff” that is stuck, leading a person back to wellness.

Crystals and essential oils can be used in conjunction with Reiki to help enhance a session. For instance, when the throat chakra is in balance, we communicate freely and speak clearly, and allow our self-expression – drawing, writing, dancing – full range. To treat throat problems, Cindy might employ turquoise or chalcedony by placing a small stone on the throat or apply the essential oils, thyme, rosemary or chamomile, to help open up that chakra. Cindy offers a Thyme to Align session that uses a combination of Reiki, meditation, crystals and essential oils to help her clients release what is not needed in their lives and bodies, and leave them refreshed and balanced. To learn more, contact Cindy at (603) 616-8827 or

As this was our final evening as a group focused on living healthier lives, we celebrated the occasion and our commitment to “10 Years Younger in 60 Days” with a small party that included healthy food – a wonderful couscous dish – and a treat -- decadent chicken wings – some hot, some sweet and some rubbed -- provided by Innkeepers Ilja and Brad.

We’ll wrap up the program in next week’s blog, with a look at how we all did. Did we meet our goals? What did we learn? Stay tuned.

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