Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our First Weigh-In "10 Years Younger in 60 days"

Amidst grumbles and sighs, eight of us stepped on the scales for the first time Tuesday evening to begin charting our progress for the eight-week “10 Years Younger in 60 Days” program. Not one of us was happy with what the scales showed -- pounds plus our BMI score -- but we dutifully recorded the results in our brand new notebooks, determined that the numbers we record during Week 8 will show some significant changes.

And along with finding out that our weight and body fat weren’t quite where we wanted them to be, we also had to face the measuring tape and record various body measurements, including chest, stomach, belly, butt, upper arm and upper leg. By eating better and stepping up our exercise regimen we hope to firm and tone these areas, lose inches or add muscle, and reduce our BMI number into the acceptable range.

Each person involved in the program has set some personal goals they hope to achieve over the next two months, with losing pounds, eating healthy foods and getting more exercise topping most everyone’s list.

Other goals shared among the group include:
 gain muscle, but keep my weight at 145 or under
 be able to run a mile in under six minutes
 strengthen knees to avoid surgery
 get fitter to be able to bike into town and back again
 keep in shape without hurting
 have more energy
 look good for my son’s wedding in February
 eat regular healthy meals
 take time for exercise and to de-stress
 undergo a fruit flush to rid the body of toxins
 strengthen back
 manage stress
 learn about healthy eating
 eat more fruits and vegetables
 exercise on a daily basis
 reduce stress to sleep better
 make juicing a daily habit
 participate in a half-marathon in Washington, DC in March
 climb Mt. Washington next year
 do more hiking and skiing

We also donned a blood pressure cuff and recorded that reading as well. Tracking all of these markers each week in our notebooks and sharing our challenges and successes provides an incentive to stick with the program, develop healthy habits and meet our exercise and nutritional goals.

We truly felt like a team when Innkeeper Ilja passed out “10 Years Younger in 60 Days” T-shirts, which we wore for our individual photos and a group pic. Ilja also encouraged everyone to check out Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation website, which the Adair program is modeled on.

The evening check-in wasn’t without its humorous moments, with Ilja demonstrating various hand weights, including a floor roller, a lot of kidding about fat butts and assorted other body parts, and one Adair employee, who shall remain nameless, who had her body measurements taken over her underwear, rather than over her street clothes to knock off a few inches!

Healthy Snack:
This week’s snack, a platter of red grapes and orange wedges provided by Eileen, received thumbs up approval from the Adair gang, and was a step up (definite improvement!) from last week’s green spinach shake.

Next Week: We’ll talk about our individual Plans –Action, Exercise, Nutrition, and Health -- that will help us move purposefully toward meeting our “10 Years Younger in 60 Days” goals.

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