Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Sounds and Sights of Spring

It’s so nice to wake up to birdsong each morning now that spring has arrived at Adair Country Inn & Restaurant. The birds just love the 200-acre Adair property with all its trees and shrubs, perfect hiding places for nesting and feeding. Pretty soon, the baby birds will join their parents in the morning songfest…we’ll keep you posted.

Now that the ice is out on the ponds and the ground has warmed up a bit, the spring peepers have made their appearance. While we’ve never actually seen these tiny (less than an inch) frogs in the nearby wetlands, their voices fill the air each evening at dusk with a high-pitched chorus of peeping. If you’ve never heard spring peepers before you owe yourself a trip to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire and a stop at the romantic and cozy Adair Country Inn & Restaurant to hear this wonderful springtime choir in full voice.

One of our friends reports seeing five deer browsing in her field, along with a flock of 13 turkeys. Deer like to cross our property as well, and last year we had turkeys on the tennis court! You just never know what wildlife sighting each day will bring here at Adair Country Inn & Restaurant, so come and see for yourself.

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